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Rules for all users

1. Don't vandalize

2. Don't spam (Unless you are in a story comment section)

3. Don't swear uncensored (Unless you are talking or mentioning FirebreakTemmie)

4. Don't make fun of others (Unless you are making fun of FirebreakTemmie)

5. Don't insult others (Unless you are insulting FirebreakTemmie)


7. Don't create useless pages

8. Don't create stupid blogs


10. Don't like FirebreakTemmie

11. No racist/sexist/homophobic people

First Offense: Warning

2nd offense: 1 day block

3rd offense: 3 days block

4th offense: 5 days block

5th offense: 1 week block

6th offense: 3 weeks block

7th offense: 1 month block

8th offense: 6 months block

9th offense: 1 year block

Further offense: Infinite block

Rules for admins only

1. Don't vandalize the main page

2. Don't make fun of normal users (Unless you are making fun of FirebreakTemmie)

3. Don't abuse your power

If you break the rules while you're an admin, you will be demoted.

How to have powers

To be a rollback, you must have at least 50 edits and be active for at least 1 week.

To be a chat moderator, you must go to chat everyday for at least 1 month and have at least 100 edits.

To be an admin, you must have at least 300 edits and be active for at least 3 months.

To be a bureaucrat, you must have at least 500 edits and be active for at least 6 months.

Also, you have to hate FirebreakTemmie.

Latest activity

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