Battle for Dream Island is the first object show made by jacknjellify. It started on January 1st, 2010 and ended on January 1st, 2012. There are 25 episodes in this season.


This show is about 20 contestants who battle for an Island called 'Dream Island'. In episode 1b, the contestants were divided into two teams. Later, they were divided into three teams. There are one or more challenges in each episode. The team which loses will be up for elimination in the next episode and 1 or 2 contestant(s) with the most votes will be eliminated. There were rejoins sometimes, but not very often. In episode 18, one of the recommended characters joined the game. In episode 25, one of the three finalists won the battle. However, something unexpected happened...


One episode is released per month. Here are the list of episodes:

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Characters are the important part of the show. They have different personalities and appearances. The host, Announcer, will decide the challenges for the contestants, some recommended characters may also make an appearance in the episode. Here are the list of characters:

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The YouTube channel of jacknjellify:

The list of Battle for Dream Island episodes: